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Hey there! Welcome to my site, this has been up for a couple of years now, and I have built a basic DSL troubleshooter tool, and I am hoping to complete an adsl router list with modem emulators / simulators and reviews for every single ADSL modem or device. I am currently up to about 2500+ known DSL routers, but I am still finding new devices every day..

I have also completed research on the settings of over 700+ ISPs

I am new to programming, but I have been supporting ADSL for ages, so I tried to design some tools which helps diagnose technical problems with DSL.

Thanks heaps, and enjoy the site!

Why your computer runs slow:

I have put together my top Geek tips for fixing your slow PC - For USB ADSL modems, and PCI DSL modems, the speed of your PC becomes a real factor in both the stability as well as speeds that you can experience. But either way, this will make your PC faster with these simple tips

ADSL Troubleshooter

Just put your stats in, and you can get a analysis on where your DSL problem is [This is very much Beta, so keen to hear your feedback OK?]

DSL Modem

Find the dsl modem settings you were after. From the router IP and default username and password. I aim for this to be a complete list, and I will continue to add details as I find them. And ultimately I would like this to be a complete directory of every ADSL modem or router ever sold. The current database has information of up to 2599 different DSL routers, from 380 different manufacturers.

Broadband Speed Check

Test your speed and you can use this for inputting into the troubleshooter to tell you how that compares, and what the results mean.