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Dynalink RTA1025W (272/05/040) information:


Modem/Router Features

  • Firewall
  • Wireless Compatible
  • ADSL2/2+ Compatible
  • ADSL LAN Or Switch

How to login

  1. Go to in your web browser and it should prompt you to login.
  2. The default username is admin
  3. The default password is admin

How to add PPPoA connection

If it shows Internet Connection: pppoa_0_100 when you login, then just enter your username and password and click connect.

Otherwise, click on Quick Setup.
Untick Auto Scan and set VPI=0, VCI=100.
Hit Next and choose PPPoA for Protocol. /VC-Mux for Encapsulation.
Hit Next and enter your username and password, and choose "Always On"
Hit Next, Next and Finish and the router will reboot.

How to check ADSL status

Click on Status

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  • Port Forwarding

NZ Telepermit Number: 272/05/040
NZ Telepermit Holder: Dynalink
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Manufacturer reviewDynalink - ADSLGeek comments:

Dynalink modems and support are good solid modems, and a good price. They mainly use a Broadcom Chipset for most of their modems, some of the older routers used a Globespan and even some used Texas Instruments, but all the current chips use Broadcom as a rule, and future Broadcom models will be based on BCM 6338 & BCM 6358.

Router reviewDynalink RTA1025W - ADSLGeek Comments

The Dynalink 1025W is actually the same unit as the NetComm NB6Plus4W.

router review Dynalink RTA1025W - Customer Comments:

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Warning  Product Warnings

OLD FIRMWARE AND P2P ISSUE For versions of firmware that are older than 3.28 this firmware did not deal well with P2P programs, as they tend to lock up many ports to the router. (Note the latest firmware version is 3.29A and this has much better reporting of router status).

RTA1025W - 802.11G Wireless 4 Port ADSL Modem/Router with Firewall & QoS
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